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"Humans are, by far, the weakest security link"

Enable organizations to become more proactive to cyber-attacks and reduce overall business risk, by providing expert Cyber Intelligence Executive Briefings and Tailored Professional Training Workshops and Seminars.


Years ago, a core team of national security and intelligence professionals, technology company executives, and academic professors came together with the distinct purpose to advise, consult and train business executives and government professionals to understand how and why cyber intelligence is vitally important to creating a more effective cybersecurity program.


Today, Cyber Intelligent Partners (CIP) is a multi-disciplinary team of thought leaders and subject matter experts from the intelligence, counterintelligence and national security policy communities, international business, Hi-tech companies, law enforcement communities, and academia with experience at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of complex organizations.  


CIP has a deep bench of “Instructor Practitioners” who teach our Cyber Intelligence courses based upon decades of their own job expertise.  Our Instructor Practitioners are recognized leaders in their fields.                


We educate and train professionals to effectively integrate cyber intelligence into existing cyber security programs, and to develop more collaborative teams across an enterprise today so they are better prepared to solve cyber challenges tomorrow.

CIP executives work with our client executives to design the right mix of courses and concepts to deliver the most relevant, effective training workshops and seminars to address their company’s greatest needs.


  • Train professional teams why and how to integrate cyber intelligence into an organization’s existing cybersecurity program in order to effectively mitigate business risks.

  • Train an organization’s Tech Teams, Intel Analyst Teams, and Decision-Makers to work in collaboration to develop timely, effective reports, proactive breach prevention, and early detection.

  • Present Tailored Briefings to Executives and Board of Directors how and why cyber intelligence will increase the effectiveness of a cybersecurity program, decrease business risk, and implement a change management plan to maintain an organization’s adherence to the enhanced cybersecurity program.


CIP’s Training Workshops and Seminars accomplish these three key initiatives by presenting our proprietary CIP 6 Point Plan.


Understanding the Whys!

“Understanding WHY your organization was attacked is just as important, if not more important than knowing who attacked you and how.”

– Defense Intelligence Officer for Cyber, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 2015

Why Important
How can we train YOU?

Customize your Cyber Intelligence training, workshop or seminar by selecting from the list of courses we offer.

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