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To be proactively prepared for a Cyber or Insider Threat attack, can your C-Suite assess why your organization is likely to be attacked and what the impact is to your business?  

Michelle Watson, President & CEO, CIP

current cyber risk climate

Most organizations today rely primarily on IT and technology solutions to develop and manage their cybersecurity platform, yet this is only half of the solution.

The other half of a holistic cybersecurity strategy is a non-IT based security strategy that incorporates human, cyber, and other threat intelligence - including geopolitical realities of today, and an organization's mission, risk profile, vulnerabilities, capabilities, and adversaries. 

In order to maintain the most effective cybersecurity posture, organizations must integrate their technology teams, risk analysis teams, and decision-makers into a holistic cybersecurity program.

“A breach is not an IT problem. It’s a business problem. The C-suite needs to be hands-on."  

   -Vitor DeSouza, VP of Global Communications at FireEye Inc. 

What do Target, Sony Pictures, Anthem and OPM, have in common, other than they were all victims of catastrophic cyber-attacks? 

Each spent over $100 million on “great” cybersecurity - IT-focused systems, and erroneously instilled a belief this sufficient to be“secure”.  But, these and other similar companies were spending tremendous amounts of money on only half of a necessary cybersecurity program. 




A successful cybersecurity program requires a business solution, as well as a technology solution. 


Why is your organization a potential target?

“The lack of awareness by executives on the state of their cybersecurity protocols and training initiatives is alarming, and puts them at a serious disadvantage against cyber attackers." -BAE Systems “Cyber Security Survey Report 2016”

At CIP, we believe a robust cybersecurity program must integrate a cyber intelligence platform.

The motivations and means employed by cyber adversaries provide clues to their future operations and tactics, enabling a proactive approach to cyber defense.



The more sophisticated your understanding of WHY threat actors would potentially target your organization, the more effectively you can protect your organization from future attacks.

How can we train YOU?

Customize your Cyber Intelligence training, workshop or seminar by selecting from the list of courses we offer.

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