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War Gaming Cyber Intellgence


Analytical War Game-Cyber (AWG-C)
Experiential Training​

The Analytical War Game-Cyber (AWG-C), is a CIP partners' - Water Dragons Consulting (WDC) owned, proprietary software training and evaluation tool, in which participants engage in real-world scenarios that replicate the intelligence analytical process. In particular, the focus is the transformation of raw, technical cyber intelligence information into strategic recommendations and predictive analysis for decision-makers.


Through the use of this proprietary online platform, the AWG-C offers ease of access and use, eliminating the need for specialized hardware or software, participant learning curves, or extensive preparatory work; as well as the ability to capture qualitative and quantitative metrics for evaluating individuals and group performance. It is also scalable in terms of time and participants, customizable in content and variables, and applicable toward a wide variety of skill sets, levels of expertise, and roles.

The AWG-C can be customized for specific needs such as a focus on particular threat actors, geographic areas, or kinds of organizations (e.g. private vs. public sector). It is also scalable in terms of time, ranging from a half a day familiarization session to a deep dive 5-day exercise; and participants, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 100. The AWG-C is also portable, requiring only personal computers or mobile devices and space for group work, and requires little logistical support or lead time for execution.

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