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“Four out of five companies fail to communicate effectively with business stakeholders

and include them in cyber security investment decisions” 

Cyber Intelligent Partners (CIP) offers tailored workshops and seminars to organizations and professionals who want to understand how their existing cyber security teams and programs can become more effective by integrating cyber intelligence concepts and practices.


At the heart of our workshops and seminars is CIP’s 6 Point Plan.


CIP also partners with academic institutions, cyber security companies, subject matter experts, thought leaders, government and industry leaders, to design the right mix of courses and concepts for a “hands-on” workshop or seminar that ends with a Cyber Intelligence War Game simulation that offers an experiential training experience that drives home all the concepts and lessons into a clear  understanding.



Customizable Training Topics and Modules  


For Example: 

  • Cyber Intelligence- Why it is Necessary

  • Cyber Intelligence and Bridging the Gap

  • Developing Cyber Intelligence Solutions

  • Insider Threats



Customizable High-Level Training Sessions


For Example:

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Intelligence

  • Cyber Intelligence Analysis of Adversary Profiles

  • Cyber Intelligence for Business Executives

  • Cyber Intelligence and Industrial Control Systems

CIP cyber war game simulations

Cyber war game simulations

& Experiential Training​

Our hands-on approach to training and education is what sets us apart within our industry.

Each seminar, workshop, and certification program ends with a WDC proprietary Analytical War Game-Cyber (AWG-C) simulation, hands-on experiential training, or war game exercise to apply what you learned.

Learning through engaging education and training practices has been proven time and again to be the best way absorb and retain knowledge versus a one-way information drop. The key concepts  presented throughout the CIP workshops and seminars will be integrated into a AWG-C experiential training finale.

certificates & certifications

Professional Education Certificates:

“Certificates of Completion” are issued to participants completing CIP workshops and seminars.


Cyber Intelligence Professional Certification:

CIP and our partners, jointly present customized “Cyber Intelligence Professional Certification”  programs for clients in the DC area, or at company’s location.  All certifications are based on a 40-hour, one-week program, with final test required before certification issued.

CIP certificate of completion
Over 50% of employees and suppliers ignore their companies' IT and security policies.

cip courses

Our programs are highly tailored to meet our clients' unique organizational needs and requirements.


Clients select from our list of courses to create a completely customized training program for their organization.  Each course is offered in 2, 4, or 8 hour modules, depending on how detailed a topic is desired. Certifications are based on a 40-hour, 1-week program.

At the completion of CIP Programs, participants will receive either a Certificate of Completion or Cyber Intelligence Professional Certification


  • Introduction to Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence

  • Foundations of Cyber Intelligence and the Cyber Domain

  • Geopolitics of the Cyber Domain

  • Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence & US National Security

  • Cyber Intelligence & Business Risk Intelligence

  • Cyber Intelligence for Business Executives

  • Cyber Intelligence Aspects of Counter Terrorism

  • Insider Threat Program Workshop

  • Survey of Adversary Threat Profiles

  • Fundamentals of Ransomware

  • Basic Cyber Strategic Intelligence Analyst 

  • Intermediate Cyber Strategic Intelligence Analyst 

  • Cyber Intelligence for Industrial Control Systems

  • Cyber War Game for Strategic Analysts & Organizations

CYBER intelligence vs. cyber security
Cyber THREAT intelligence

3 levels of cyber threat intelligence: 

  • Strategic intelligence 

  • Operational intelligence 

  • Tactical intelligence 

Cyber security

The ability to protect or defend the integrity and use of information technology infrastructure (or systems, networks, programs, and data), from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Cyber intelligence

A unique tradecraft that combines technical knowledge and classic analytic and investigative skills to assess an adversary’s motivations, capabilities, intentions, and activities in the cyber domain.

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